The civil department at TCET prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline. The department pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers, eith advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduate students and state of the art research facilities including support from many construction consultancies.

Student engineers gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites, etc.



Qualified and experienced faculty members form the department. They specialize in various fields of civil engineering. The faculty members contribute to academic development by publishing books and presenting papers in international and national conferences.

Prof. Dr. S. Arunachalam, Chairman of TCET, is a former professor of Anna university and he is an experienced person in the field of civil planning and construction, who has visited many countries and has published many international papers. He has written many books regarding constructions that appeal to anyone who reads his books.



"We create an ambience in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish and from which the leaders and innovators of tomorrow emerge"  - TCET