To impart knowledge and skill on aeronautical engineering to the aspiring student      community through qualified faculty and staff. To imbibe human values to the students and enhance potential of our country in the field of aviation.



the aviation field in India is developing at a fast pace. Private airlines have expanded greatly in the last few years. Defence industry in India is seeing high growth in military aviation. Indian companies have taken up aircraft design and outsourcing projects from abroad. This projects the requirement of highly skilled aeronautical engineers. Department of Aeronautical Engineering is making great effort in imparting knowledge and skill to meet the aircraft industry expectation.


the department is offering theory and lab works as per Anna University syllabus through qualified faculty and staff. Aeronautical Engineering department started functioning since 2009.The department has well equipped laboratory facilities and faculty to prepare the students to meet future requirement in the field of aviation.




Job opportunities for an aeronautical engineer in India, lies with various airlines like    Air India, Indian airlines, Helicopter corporation of India and flying clubs, private airlines and government owned air service and aircraft manufacturers like HAL with its factories at Bangalore, Kanpur, Nasik, Hyderabad etc. Defence Research and development laboratories, NAL, Aeronautical development establishment, civil aviation department etc.


the defence  research services and ISRO also happen to be two major employers. This course trains an engineer in designing, constructing, analyzing, testing, development and manufacturing of commercial and military aircrafts , missiles and spacecraft. Aeronautics focuses on systems that operates in earth’s atmosphere and astronautics on those operating in space.


Aerospace engineer design, develop, test and help manufacture commercial and military aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. They develop new technology in commercial aviation, defence system




Aircraft Structures Lab - I

Aircraft Structures Lab - II

Propulsion Lab

Aero Engine Repair and Maintenance Lab

Aero Dynamic Lab

Aircraft System Lab

Avionics Lab


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