The Master of Business Administration (MBA) The course structure is designed to impart knowledge of the core management concepts and techniques in the first year which are, thereafter, upgraded to advanced knowledge and practicing skills in the areas of specialization opted for by the students in the final year. A graduate with a broader picture of business is often the best person for the new economy workplace There are also a wide range of career opportunities available in different aspects of administration and management within MNC's and blue-chip companies. These include head office functions in large multinational companies as well as trainee management positions in service and public sector organizations.






MBA is a necessary qualification to climb-up the corporate ladder. There is a high demand for good quality management graduates in all the functional areas of Finance, HR, IT and Marketing in various industries. Two years of hard-work, supplemented by the able training of the faculty shall open the gateway for a long and successful managerial career.






Equipments Details                                                                                                   

LAN system with Printers  OS: Windows Office suite  

Software: Ms office, Oracle, VB, Smart Draw,Tora, Tally, SPSS,HTML

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